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Run your imagination in the wildest word associations!

Simple premise and challenging gameplay with hours of fun to remember! That's Codenames – a fast paced party game that's sure to keep the whole group entertained, great for families, friends, and total strangers alike.

Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. To win the game, your team will need to contact all of your agents in the field before the other team finds their own agents. And watch out for the assassin – meet him in the field and your team is done!

Codenames is simple to explain and easy to understand, with no limit to size of the teams – you can play in four people as well as in twelve!

Enhance your board game experience with the gadget!

Codenames Gadget is a companion app for Codenames that provides a random key card generator and timer with voiceover alert.


Is your gaming group far away? That's not a problem!

We've developed a browser version of Codenames, Codenames Online, that's easy to setup and fast to play – all you need to do is invite your friends. And it saves table space too!

Now you have no excuse to skip your regular board gaming sessions and no need to leave the comforts of your home – your gaming buddies can come to you :)


This legendary board game is coming to your phones!

Play Codenames wherever you go. Now in development, the game will include all the features that you love about Codenames and add some more!

App Features

  • Asynchronous multiplayer
  • Online matchmaking
  • New game modes
  • Daily challenges
  • New word categories and more!


Meet the Codenames Family

There's more than just one game!

No matter if you're more into competitive play or prefer cooperating on one team, or if you're better with words or images, we have just the right version to satiate all of your needs.

The game that became a legend!

Codenames’s reliance on word associations and combinations give it unlimited replay value without feeling like you are repeating content.

The driving force behind Codenames is really simple: trying to make connections between various words, while avoiding including other words in the association.

One picture can say more than a thousand words!

Unleash your creativity with 280 crazy images.

You can play Codenames Pictures as a standalone game, or you can up your game by combining pictures with words to create ultimate Codenames experience!

Cooperative fun for two!

A fully cooperative version of Codenames – great for two players but can be played in teams as well.

Includes 400 new words that can be added to the base game to freshen up your experience.

Twice as big for twice the fun!

The multiple award-winning social word game, became an even "bigger" hit! Prepare yourself for a huge Codenames party with Codenames XXL.

There's no such thing as too big with Codenames XXL edition – now, it's become much easier to read, and even better for groups of people.

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